When you have a swimming pool in your home, you want to keep it safe and secure. You do not want anyone to get in or around your pool when not supposed to be. This is where a Pool Enclosure Florida can be of great help. When we say safe and secure, we mean just that and more. We offer pool enclosures that ensure that your kids and pets will not accidentally fall into your swimming pool.

Since this will be their primary function, you have to consider all the aspects necessary to create the right kind of fencing for your pool enclosure. You can choose whatever style or design you want for your pool enclosure. You can select and install different pool enclosures, and anybody looking for a high-quality pool enclosure should consider the options that Pool Enclosure Florida offers.

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High-Profile Pool Enclosure

A high pool enclosure offers similar benefits as mid-height pool enclosures but is just taller. High pool enclosures typically measure 12 feet or more and fit around the pool’s concrete, identical to mid-height pool enclosures. We design them to offer more ample space to eliminate any feeling of confinement, making them ideal for families with children.

Medium-Profile Pool Enclosure

The main benefits of the mid-range pool wall enclosures are that they share a lot of functionality with a full or partial wall pool enclosure but at a fraction of the cost. These are for those who want to have a certain degree of safety and security around their pool area without going overboard. They also allow people to still have a lot of fun by lounging by the pool and swimming. Its height range is from 8 to 12 feet.

Low-Profile Pool Enclosure

Low-profile pool enclosures are very popular because they do not take up any extra square footage in your yard, which is essential if you have limited space and allow you to have access to the water. Low-profile enclosures are available in many different styles, colors, glass, or screen options. The majority can be put up or taken down quickly without much effort by just one person. These low-profile pool enclosures generally work by sitting around the edge of your swimming pool and hanging at least one and as much as three feet above it.

Retractable Pool Enclosure

We install retractable enclosures using an electric motor that pulls the panels back on track while retracting. It is essential to look for a retractable pool enclosure because it protects the pool while at the same time making available an outdoor environment. Furthermore, these covers are economically affordable for most people, especially when considering the protective value that they provide.

Fixed Pool Enclosure

However, if this does not fit your needs, the fixed alternative might be the way to go for you. They are more or less like their retractable counterparts; the only difference is that we construct them differently. We make folding enclosures by attaching panels to each other. When done using them, the panels are folded against each other to form a compact shape.

Telescopic Pool Enclosure

A telescopic or accordion pool enclosure is an excellent option if you live in a climate where the weather keeps you from swimming multiple months out of the year. The purpose of an accordion pool enclosure is to keep the sun off your pool in the summer when it is too warm, yet let you open up your pool in the winter when it is just right.

Standing Pool Enclosure

Purchasing a standing pool enclosure is an excellent upgrade for any pool. You can buy metal or wood enclosures, or you can shop for a polyurethane one. The choice is yours, but make sure you shop around first and get an idea of what kind of materials they come in before making your final decision. The standing pool enclosures will not only provide you with the safety and security that you need for your family and pets, but they will also convert your existing in-ground pool into an attractive addition to your backyard oasis.

Flat Pool Enclosure

Flat pool enclosures are probably the most popular of all pool enclosures. Most of the time, they are square-shaped, which is why they are also called square fences. They sit right on top of your pool and act as a cover with mesh all around it. Of course, that allows you to see inside your water feature just fine while keeping everything else out there at bay.

Dome Pool Enclosure

A dome pool enclosure is a cost-effective option for a luxurious and secure setting. Being compact yet durable, it is a good fit for any home, but the only downside is the limited space available inside. With this in mind, you need to choose equipment wisely. It has five panels, more than the previous two enclosures I have mentioned. The extra glass, however, gives it a more significant amount of space for visibility. The design employs the use of glass without compromising safety.


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