What Are Pool Enclosures?

Pools are an essential element of any recreational facility. At the same time, pools may pose some security risks to the owners. This is why pool enclosures are a necessary consideration for pool owners, especially when their insurance does not cover accidents that may take place in unsupervised areas, such as a pool or hot tub areas. These Florida outdoor spaces can be outfitted with attractive and practical add-ons such as automatic pool covers and safety covers, pool enclosures, and complete exterior solutions like fully enclosed sunrooms

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Benefits of Pool Enclosures

Why should you have a pool enclosure? There are several benefits of using a pool enclosure in your home or business. First, they can help you create a tropical escape right in the heart of the city. Second, whether it is for a cabana, a spa, a toilet room, or a changing room, an enclosure will provide the privacy needed with the convenience of being easily accessible from either inside or out. Here are just a few of the benefits of pool enclosures.

An ideal pool enclosure can transform a shabby backyard pool area into a safe and private swimming pool area. Pool enclosures come in many shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. The best pool enclosure for creating an additional layer of security around your pool is determined by the size of your property.
When discussing pool enclosures, we make your pool safer and more enjoyable by giving it a layer of protection. This is whether you are trying to keep children from diving in without your permission, keeping pets out of the pool, or preventing crazy neighbors from jumping out of nowhere.
Legal Compliance
Anyone living in Florida or another state where private pools are required to be fenced in knows that you cannot let your property be on the “naked streets” of the community. You do not have to fear any fines or having an unsightly pool enclosure sitting in your backyard because of what is likely a simple misunderstanding of local codes. A well-built pool enclosure is an excellent way to keep your family safe, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun in the sun.
Pool Protection
Pool enclosures also create a safer environment for your children and swimming guests. Pool enclosures can reduce your and your family’s exposure to harmful UV rays. Even when not in use, a pool enclosure provides shade and protects you from daily exposure to the sun. This structure also prevents bugs from bothering you and your guests or ending up swimming in your pool.
Increased Property Value
Every homeowner knows that curb appeal is essential. It is built into our psyche that an attractive home sells faster than one that is not so pretty. As such, a pool enclosure is an excellent way to increase your property’s value. And even if you do not plan to sell, the pride of owning a display by installing a pool enclosure will not go unnoticed.
If you want a gorgeous pool, a pool enclosure is a dream come true. Of course, we all want a lovely pool with a view of the ocean, the mountains, or the neighborhood. Still, an extra cover will do that for you, plus keep your water warmer and keep out animals and insects. A fence also allows you to add expanses of glass that would otherwise be impossible due to your surrounding environment or your design aesthetic.
Sunlight Protection
Though we love Florida and its sun, we also love to keep our pool water as cool as possible. Keeping our pool enclosed is one way we can safely achieve this. A bonus is that it also lowers the UV from the sun from getting to us. This will help our skin stay younger for longer!
Extension of Your Home
One of the biggest reasons people love to put pool enclosures around their pools is to increase their living space. You can expand your living area and turn it into a family area by using an outdoor pool enclosure. You may even be able to host friends and family and hold gatherings and parties outside by featuring an outdoor bar, kitchen, seating area, and more. If you want to take advantage of your decorating options, consider including a custom kitchen under your pool enclosure as well as a twin washer/dryer combo machine. It is like having an outdoor room that has all of the comforts of home!
Easier Pool Maintenance
A pool enclosure is the best way you can protect your investment and keep it looking new. Investing in an enclosure eliminates the hassle of cleaning it and protecting it from harmful UV rays. In addition to that, a pool enclosure allows you better control over your water temperature. Also, it makes it convenient for you to protect yourself from weather changes depending on what time of the year it is.
Energy Cost Reduction
Sure, a pool enclosure prevents the unwanted sights and sounds of your neighborhood from intruding on your precious pool time. But it does much more than that. A top-quality solution from Pool Enclosure Florida is designed with additional features that provide other benefits—like higher energy efficiency and reduced water/chemical loss—which contribute to lower long-term operating costs and better overall results. So, if you are looking for a true value-add to help with those summer bills or want to enjoy those few extra moments by the water worry-free, our pool enclosures will not disappoint.
Increased Relaxation and Enjoyment
Pool enclosures allow complete and total immersion in the water. Its design and features will enable you to maximize your swimming time and minimize physical irritation due to wind and extreme temperatures. It is complete with a safety fence and decking. It has a unique skimmer and filters where debris can be quickly pulled out, leaving the water clear. The pool enclosure Florida becomes an extra room of sorts, with glass windows allowing you to enjoy views of your backyard still while you swim.
Withstanding Strong Winds
If you live in Florida, you know that this is one of the most hurricane-prone states in the USA. Thus, it is essential to protect your pool investment. Pool Enclosure Florida designs its products to withstand strong winds of up to 130 miles per hour.
Saves Money
because of evaporation will be reduced by as much as 50%, which results in less chemical use and lower bills. In addition, a homeowner with a pool typically must pay more on their insurance premiums because of an increased risk factor of having a pool. Insurance companies may not require an added charge for those with a fence around their pool.

Choosing the Perfect Pool Enclosure

Not all pool enclosures are made the same, and each one is unique. There are plenty of options to consider, and not everyone has the same budget, lifestyle, or preferences in mind. The good news is there are several factors to keep in mind when choosing pool enclosures to make sure you get everything you are looking for. Check out our FAQ page.

The Surroundings
Pool enclosures are a great way to add value and interest to your property. Still, it is vital to consider the surrounding area when you begin. A landscape appraisal can help determine what changes and updates will infuse your home and yard with superior quality and look.
Quality Materials
Many people do not realize that a poorly insulated pool enclosure will cause a loss of both heat and money. A sound pool enclosure uses high-quality materials to not only protect your family from unwanted weather conditions but can help regulate the climate inside as well, saving you both money and time on the upkeep of your pool.
Maintenance Requirements
Pool enclosure maintenance constitutes regular inspection of screens, fasteners, and other equipment that prevents costly repairs or malfunction. It may be evident to some homeowners but not particularly clear-cut to others. You can do a lot around your home and around your pool enclosure to maintain your pool and ensure everything is safely and correctly functioning. This is the only way you can protect yourself from costly repairs or foreseen mistakes. Hence, it would be best to consider this factor when choosing the design of your pool enclosure.
Pool Enclosure Size
How do you decide which size of pool enclosure you want to install? For many consumers who have a smaller pool, a 15-foot by 15-foot screen enclosure is sufficient. However, in some cases, consumers prefer the look of an “L” or “U” shaped enclosure, particularly if they have a vast space. The size of the opening of the enclosure will be determined partly by how far you want the enclosure structure to extend beyond your pool. Walk around the perimeter of your existing pool with a measuring tape. You will get an idea of what that area measures when coping stones completely box in it or when it has been raised with a high lip.
Pool Dimensions
All pool enclosures that you will find in the stores near your place vary according to their design. However, you will need first to find out the dimensions of your pool and only choose the ones that would look great with your pool’s size. This will ensure that you will not finish with a smaller or bigger pool enclosure than what you had wanted.
Roof Height
A popular trend in pool enclosures is to offer customers numerous roof height options to meet their desired use. However, there are subtle differences between these roof heights that you should know before choosing your enclosure’s design. All enclosures have a low, mid, and high option.
Roof Design
Though we love Florida and its sun, we also love to keep our pool water as cool as possible. Keeping our pool enclosed is one way we can safely achieve this. A bonus is that it also lowers the UV from the sun from getting to us. This will help our skin stay younger for longer!

Pool Enclosure Laws and Regulations

One of the most important things to do before building a pool enclosure is to check with your local city and county representatives to find out the local bylaws for swimming pools.

Pool Enclosure Painting

The pool enclosure is the first thing the pool users will see every time they visit your swimming area. Painting the fence of your pool enclosure can be extremely difficult because you need to make sure that no color will fade out before its time.

Pool Enclosure Lighting

You want your pool enclosure lighting to provide all the necessary safety features that will keep you, your family, and guests safe. There should be no doubt that areas around the pool enclosure are well lit for nighttime walks, coming and going.

Pool Enclosure Furniture

If you live in a tropical location, quality furnishings for your pool enclosure are the difference between a place you will love spending time in and one that will see little use. Unfortunately, in Florida, outdoor furniture—especially pool enclosures—suffers from the weather.

Pool Enclosure Landscaping

There is a misconception among pool owners, particularly those who live in warmer climates, that pool cages mean giving up the luxurious look and feel of the surrounding garden. After all, Florida is home.

Pool Enclosure Privacy

Enclosing your patio and pool is not only a great way to keep out UV rays and privacy, but also unwanted insects that like to ruin your picnics and fun by flying into you and eating our food! We live in Florida, where we do not need winter clothing for most of the year.

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